Blade Software, Inc.® is a leading producer of computer software and online entertainment management systems in the entertainment production field.

About Blade Software, Inc.®

Some of BSI's past projects include:
  • TalentBase:
    Originally released in 1986, TalentBase was a revolutionary software suite designed to aid in the management of high-volume talent agencies such as the Blade Agency. Blade Software is currently in the process of completing TalentBase.NET, a complete system update, taking advantage of today's cutting-edge internet technologies.

  • Comfort Calculator®:
    Comfort Calculator was an innovative software application designed to calculate needed function space for large social events. Unlike other function-space calculators, Comfort Calculator allowed for the use of industry standard seating guidelines, and could automatically reserve space for buffet tables, staging, and A/V equipment.

  • CAD/EM®:
    The Computer-Aided Design & Event Management Software System. CAD/EM's innovative technology was awarded a U.S. patent (U.S. Patent No. 5,634,016; registered May 27th, 1997).

  • EventTalent:
    Entertainment management and promotion software. EventTalent provides full-featured producer- or hotel- branded entertainment websites, online entertainment request facilities, and online promotional delivery systems for entertainment producers and providers. One such custom-branded website is the Jack Vince Productions EventTalent site.

  • Visual 360®:
    Visual 360 was developed by Blade Software as a highly configurable software solution for performance appraisals and 360-degree feedback assessments. Visual 360's innovative technology and user interface resulted in U.S. Patent No. 5,926,794 (Registered July 20th, 1999). This patented Drag-and-Drop technology was initially developed for a Blade Software client, the Alza Corporation, and is currently featured as an integral component of MindSolve Technologies' MVP Performance Management software suite.

  • Destinations Management Online:
    Provides online corporate-branded destinations management web-presence and event management promotion systems. One sample site is Exhilarate Events!.

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